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getting close…

So it’s quickly approaching… this Summer’s MADE IN THE 216 opens Friday August 2nd!

The past few weeks have been a total whirlwind of prep.. I basically live in the MADE space for a month prior to, and I must say I have become quite attached..

HQ this year was a previously vacant  storefront  located at 1810 W. 25th St (just about at the corner of W.25th and Jay Avenue, here in Ohio City), and just had great bones for an event like MADE. I find the greatest inspiration it seems from spaces and me the blank space  (tell me I can put holes in the wall and hang things from the ceilings…..Thanks Tom G!) and I’m a happy camper.

A HUGE thank you to everyone that has swung by to help lift, build, paint, laugh and keep me sane. You happily indulge my hair brained schemes (“no wait.. just follow me here, we’re gonna take the fishing wire and the hot glue…”), and I love you guys. Its gonna be a good one, and I couldn’t do it without you.

A peek at the progress…







happiest like this…

MADE opens Friday the 2nd at 4 pm-10pm, Open Saturday 10am-10pm and Sun 10-4. We’ll see you there!





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The next leap..


Today marks the beginning of an incredible new adventure for me, that of a small business owner, and I wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you.. Thank you foremost to my dear friend and remarkable mentor, Danielle, and also to the incredible community, our customers, that have supported the shop and become my close friends over the past 4 years.

Taking a leap is not something I am wholly unaccustomed to, it was what brought me to Cleveland- a city I fell madly in love with- and what drew me to R/S and what has now become not just a career, but a life I adore, and a place I consider my home.

When I discovered R/S 1.0, as we are prone to call it, I met a woman that unequivocally  showed me what it was to live passionately. This was where I needed to be and I wanted in. And in we did. The past 4 years have have absolutely shattered what I previously thought myself capable of. It has been work that has made me fiercely proud- and that is a gift. When you are lucky enough to discover someone you respect and love as I do Danielle,  soak it up. Work hard and embrace the challenge. It was the best leap I ever made.

So as I join the ranks of passionate, driven, (just slightly crazy?) entrepreneurs living and working in this remarkable community, I want to say thank you. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


Oh, and stop in Thursday night, we have a lot to celebrate..






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Exciting Announcement !!!

After 6 wonderful years as the Founder and Owner of Room Service; Today, I am very excited to turn the keys and complete ownership over to my friend, and Room Service’s long standing Manager, Jennie Doran.

We are both so excited about our respective ‘next chapters’.

A separate personal statement from Jennie to follow, here on this blog.  And my own personal statement will follow shortly on my  blog, which is part of my new website, found here: Weddings & Parties by Danielle 

(for the last time from this site) THANK YOU.




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let’s shimmy!

So this past week I was in NYC.  As opposed to most trips to NYC this one was not about a trade show, buying trip, shopping or visiting friends…per se.




(above images shot by Angela Kohler)

This one was different.   I did not have Jennie with me as I do for most trade shows, I did not do tons of shopping as we always do and it was not a vacation. …. but what fun it was just the same!

I went for a class taught by the amazingly talented and charming duo behind BLOGSHOP: Bri Emery of the blog: and Angela Kohler, LA based director and photographer extraordinaire…remember this epic stop motion film?!!

This 3 day class (I added the 3rd day of their newest class on video editing) has transformed the way I will be able to communicate visually about what our businesses are up to.

We are so very lucky to have the amazing team at Kiddo Design to do so much of our big graphic design needs, but we are a very visually-minded company and find that our graphic design needs are something that come up on a DAILY basis and so I felt it was time I learned how to take on some of these tasks myself.  I’m not one who likes to have to rely on others for any of my own needs and this is certainly no exception.

The class was amazing and I’m so grateful for having had the experience.  One of the fun things I have learned how to do was to make an animated gif (see above!) and to edit videos (still working on one to share here later) but I have also learned amazing Photoshop shortcuts, my way around using a tablet (the best tool ever!) and so so many useful PS tools such as various ways of retouching, effects, shapes, templates, filters, editing and more like creating mood boards and split screen videos!

I found my engagement photos shot by my friend and fave, Suzanne Price of Suzuran Photography to be a fun subject to practice my new tricks on!  (see below).

Well, more to come from R/S and Weddings & Parties on the design front, but I wanted to tell you all about this great class because I would love to get this class here in Cleveland.  If you think you would be interested in participating in something like this let me know so that I can show we could fill a class here.  For more info on BLOGSHOP visit their website HERE.

Some snapshots of Blogshop hosted at the lovely space of Patina Rentals and decorated by Michelle Edgemont


R/S has gotten in some great new dreses to SHIMMY in so stop in and give em a whirl!




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rolling pin perfection



oh my.. genius work by ODA Architecture. So we all know I love to cook- baking and I, on the other hand, just don’t totally understand each other (I maintain its the whole chemistry aspect of it all..or that I am a major control freak and cant stand not being able to monkey with things once they go into the oven..) Either way, the reworked facade of this 1950′s garage hits all the right notes with me..question now you think they still roll?.. I could see myself just standing there spinning them all..




via That Kind of Woman

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